Quality Warranty&Description

HYTAC Products:

Color: Surface color may due to rod/sheet thickness, exposure to sunlight or frequent handling. Changes in surface color do not impact the performance of the materials. Color is for visual material identification and reference only.

Internal voids: Voids are miniscule air bubbles that naturally occur in the manufacturing process of syntactic foam. CMT employs a stringent quality control inspection to examine finished HYTAC rods and sheets for voids prior to shipment. While it is not possiible to entirely eliminate these voids CMT warranties each sheet and rod to have no internal voids larger than 1/8\'\'(3.175mm) and no more than two(2) per linear foot between 1/16\'\'(1.58mm) and 1/8\'\'(3.175mm).

Size tolerances: HYTAC-W, WF, WFT, FLX, FLXT, and C1R standard stock tolerances are +0%, -1.5% in all dimensions. HYTAC-XTL,B1X tolerances are +0.197\'\'(5), -0.00\'\'(0mm) of thickness or diameter.

Metapor products: Tolerance value for length and width is -0/+2.0 mm